Saturday, December 13, 2008 creates custom 'Strategic' Business Plans

What Company Is Offering: creates custom 'Strategic' Business Plans, in the format preferred by the SBA and banks, though personal (or remote) "Whiteboard-style interviews/presentations. Using a growing network of local Certified Business Partners (CBP's), provides "live" plan consulting and support for their CBP-based interviews.

A thought-provoking and strategy planning interview/discussion of your Market and your Business is presented by a business plan specialist. This allows rapid coverage of everything from your past Investments, returns and operations to your future opportunities, projections and delivery assurances. Their interview assesses your experience and "insight" of your markets, products/services, promotion, sales, competition, distribution, supply, inventory, governance and balance sheet.

How It Works:

Following the interview, at, the information collected from the interview is processed through multiple business planner and strategy planning models and applications. After some hand-editing (and on average, 24 hours) this creates:

=> A Custom Business plan in the format preferred by Banks/SBA, with Projections
Supported by:

* Comparative Industry data.

* Industry expert Analytics and Strategies supported by proven models of business.
logic, reflecting opportunities and problems based on "insights" gained from the
interview of the business and market.

* A Focus on accurate expense to projection alignment, based on roll-ups of expenses
by department.

=> Several Business Strategy Reports (Actions, Key Factors, Improvements needed).

* Supporting Rationale/Logic trails validate weighted strategy recommendations,
interview topic-alignments and/or inconsistencies.

=> An invaluable service delivered for ~ 1/3 of the comparable cost / depth / value of the
analysis, Strategies, and Business Plan.

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