Monday, December 8, 2008 inbox that learns

What Company Is Offering:

Spend less time inside your email inbox and more time ______ing.

Unique Features:
An inbox that learns.For a short time, its software will track the way you organize your inbox and then, if you choose, their software will take over and do the organizing for you! This gives you all the benefits of a clean and tidy inbox, with none of the work.

A refreshing interface. Box view has revolutionized the way you'll read your email. Much like the divided columns of a newspaper or a series of sticky notes, the Unblab interface allows you to scan for what's important and then gracefully focus in once you've found it.

The snooze feature is perfect for emails that aren't a priority at the moment but that you don't want to forget about. Slap the snooze button on a message, just like you would your alarm clock. It'll come back around when you're ready.

Umm-brella helps you focus. Umm-brella helps you focusUmm-brella protects your inbox from overly wordy emails that can dampen your work pace. This feature allows you to set a character limit on incoming emails, limiting a would-be blabber to an email no longer than a text message.

ReachWall keeps you safe.ReachWall protects your inbox by letting you keep your email address hidden. Rather than give everyone your email address, you can advertise your ReachWall as your initial point of contact.

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