Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YLighting.com-- Free Technical Lighting Designs

What Company Is Offering:
YLighting.com, is the largest online retailer of modern lighting, provides this service free of charge with no obligation or commitment. Accordingly, YLighting.com will prepare a bill of materials clearly listing the component parts and their itemized pricing. With this bill of materials, consumers can then "shop-around" for the best price. However, YLighting.com provides this breakdown because it is confident that even if the customer doesn't actually buy from YLighting, the experience of working with YLighting's technical lighting designers will inure to YLighting.com benefit and reputation in the future. However, this approach isn't without its drawbacks. Many lighting stores who lack these professionals on staff frequently encourage their customers to submit a requirement to YLighting.com for design and return to the store with the bill of materials.

More at:http://www.ylighting.com/

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