Monday, January 19, 2009

BonzoBox --Redefine Your Internet Experience

What Company Is Offering:
BonzoBox will redefine your internet experience! Instantly save your favorite websites as real-time images and save time by clicking through to your favorite websites without having to retype your log-in information.

How It Works:

BonzoBox is an interactive web tool that allows people to build their own customized “BonzoBox” home page with links to their favorite websites.

Just think, instead of typing in numerous web addresses, you can just click on your BonzoBoxes and refer back to your own customized page to navigate the web. How Easy! BozoBox also offers a specialized email application for users to have complete access to all of their personal email accounts and a BonzoBuddies tab so you can chat and stay in touch without the garbage. On top of that, BonzoBox allows users to enter in any web address of their preference to generate a live thumbnail of any site from anywhere on the web. Awesome!

BonzoBox operates on a very simple Drag and Drop function. Just grab a Website from one of our specially tailored tabs and drag the site into your BonzoBox! If you wish, set BonzoBox as your homepage so that the next time you open the internet, all your favorite sites and email accounts are saved for you ready to be clicked on.

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