Saturday, January 31, 2009

Email promotion tool for musicians, promoters and venues

What Company Is Offering:

Email promotion tool for musicians, promoters and venues. Champion Sound offers email marketing services, newsletter management and email promotions for musicians, bands, DJs, promoters and venues.

How It Works:

You're a musician, or a promoter, or a venue and you wanna let EVERYONE you know that you have a new show coming up. Or, maybe you wanna let 'em know you have an a new album. Perhaps you have a new drink special and band line-up on Taco Tuesdays? Or maybe, just maybe, you wanna just say "Hi" to your beloved fans.

Now you can with Champion Sound! All you gotta do is figure out the sentence structure [similar to chord structure] and what you wanna say into that Champion Sound metaphoric microphone, and the world is your audience with just one click. Seriously! You can even reach people in France if you wanna.

Sign up now, no strings attached [except for the six strings on yer ax, of course] and the Champion Sound Rockstar's will all be here to hold your spike-studded bracelet laden wrist through this little tool. If you know how to turn on a computer, though, you're already a step ahead.

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Lic Brockely said...

Mates! Thanks for the coverage of Champion Sound. We just released a Guest List Manager that you can use with your mobile phone as well.