Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SCOTBLOG Launched By 13 Year Old BoyEntrepreneur

A young tech-savvy entrepreneur has announced his latest venture. Scott Campbell, 13, is launching his first startup, ScotBlog.net. The site is one of the internet’s first socially focused blogging sites, a community to produce and share new content with others. ScotBlog has many features, including allowing the user to create a profile, join user created groups, send private messages, add friends and most importantly, blog.

However, the site has one additional twist. ScotBlog is for anyone who has Scottish ancestory or lives in Scotland.

“Our user base is very diverse,” says Scott, who has the official title ‘Creative Randomist’ on the website. “We have some users in Glasgow, while we have some from South Carolina and even California”.

“The main aim of the website is to create a safe, fun community for anybody to use, from tech savvy users to silver surfers.”

Clearly, users are finding the site easy to use and very enjoyable. One user, Jason Clark, said, “ScotBlog has a very easy, simple user interface! It’s one of the best and most helpful communities around,” while another user thought that “ScotBlog is the best website to have your views and make friends at the same time.”

More at:www.ScotBlog.net

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