Wednesday, January 21, 2009 --Tracking And Recovery Service

What Company Is Offering: is a premier item tracking and recovery service. It allows users to label any physical item with a unique SendMeHome ID. With the launch of its lost and found service in September - the first free service of its kind in the world - allowed its users to safeguard their valuables from loss. With the addition of SendMeHome Stories, users can now use labeled items as a catalyst to inspire online communication in new and creative ways.

How It Works:

A SendMeHome story can be created by anyone for free - all that is needed is an interesting object, an internet connection, and some creativity. To begin a story, a user must register an object at The object is then passed from person to person; each person who receives the item can use its unique SendMeHome ID as a key to add a chapter to the online story. For example, an artist could register a blank canvas and ask each of its recipients to contribute in order to eventually form a finished painting. Each recipient would add to the painting, post a photograph of the progress, and pass it on to another painter. Users would then be able to watch the painting evolve over time and connect with the other contributors. allows story creators to set detailed objectives and specific destinations for their objects. In addition, it provides a rich interface for writing each chapter - complete with images, videos, maps, and a full-featured text editor - with one of the fastest and most intuitive interfaces available online.

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