Saturday, January 24, 2009 is a new and exciting way to find places to go

What Company Is Offering: is a new and exciting way to find places to go. Through its own unique suggestion system they are able to determine places you will like based off of your ratings and ratings of users similar to you. Imagine being notified about a place to go and being told WHY you will like it. Sounds much better than having to scroll through endless reviews from people you know nothing about. It is free and simple to get start, just register and start rating places and let them do the rest!

How It Works:

This site is unique in they personalize your recommendations for you. Using your friend network and your personal ratings they find places that you will enjoy all over the world. Whether you are looking for new places in your hometown, places to try on your next vacation or a reliable recommendation from a friend they can help. Without being registered you miss out on a lot of great features such as personalized recommendations, similarity meters, earning rewards in its rewards program and being part of an exciting new community.

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