Monday, February 23, 2009

Adotube is a publisher-centric online video advertising platform

What Company Is Offering:
Adotube is a publisher-centric online video advertising platform that enables publishers to generate revenue by showing brand-name ads in streaming video content. The video advertizing campaigns aim to maximize revenue by premium video ad spots and contextual in-video advertising.

How Is It Different:

Adotube has variety of answers for all possible scenarios. Its online video advertising platform will allow you to run different types of campaigns: Lead Generation, CPC (Ad-Sense like) contextual banners, Credit Card processing in-video (for donations and premium content) from a variety of advertising network partners allowing you to pick the right campaign for right traffic.

You can use our technology as a plugin into your player: plugin integration example. If you use Adotube’s Flash Video Player you also have control over player branding and overall appearance. We offer Supervised Contextualization® that adds meta data to the video stream and makes sure that ads shown are relevant and appropriate to your content.

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