Friday, February 6, 2009

Invoicera --Online Billing

What Company Is Offering:
Invoicera is an out-of-the-edge online application that takes over the traditional paper-and-pen billing system and "internetizes" it! It is a smart, easy, and fortified e-way of sending invoices to your clients.

How It Works:

With Invoicera, you can send professional looking online bills to your clients and can receive payment the same way.
Invoicera comes with A-1 features and takes the concept of Online Billing to another level of comfortability. It is of great help for small and medium scaled enterprises, consultants and freelancers. It enhances your business transparency by crystal clear accounting transactions that minimize any chances of mathematical errors.
It is automated, full-featured, powerful, effective and an easy to use application. With just the click of a button, Invoicera automatically generates professional looking invoices for you. Save time, save extra efforts and maintain a strong firm-client relationship.

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