Friday, February 13, 2009

Virgance is uses the power of online social networks to scale new idea

What Company Is Offering:
Virgance is a for-profit company that takes new activism ideas and uses the power of online social networks to scale each idea into a large-scale, citizen-powered global campaign to improve the world. Founded in May 2008, Virgance is releasing a series of products that focus on using online social networks to create positive social change. By acquiring 1BOG, Virgance adds an externally-created campaign to its portfolio for the first time.

1BOG is a community-based initiative – the largest in the country – focused on driving widespread adoption of renewable energy and sustainable solutions through education, community building and group purchasing programs. San Francisco-based 1BOG was founded in June 2008 and quickly demonstrated the power of community purchasing for solar energy in San Francisco.

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