Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GuidedMed is a guided health and medical information search engine

What Company Is Offering:
GuidedMed is a guided health and medical information search engine. It is not a medical diagnosis or decision making tool. Its goal is to make health and medical information easily accessible to facilitate people's daily lives.

How It Works:

Initially, you are shown a short symptom list containing commonly encountered symptoms. If you cannot find your symptom on the list, you can click the "more symptoms" link according to your affected body region to see a more comprehensive symptom list.

From the symptom list, you select one or more symptoms describing your health situation. Then by clicking the button entitled "Next step to find information about selected symptoms," you will reach zero or more pages asking questions related to your selected symptoms.

After answering all questions posed by our system, you will reach a page listing possible causes of your selected symptoms. All of these causes are ranked by a medical expert system using medical textbook sources and publicly available information. For each such cause, its link takes you to a Web page describing it. Moreover, if you click the corresponding "More pages" button, you can reach additional Web pages describing the cause.

At any time, if you have made incorrect selections, do not know which symptoms to select, or cannot answer a question, you can click the red "guided help" link located near the bottom left of the page to invoke our help function. You will be prompted to describe your health situation. Then by clicking the "Find relevance of unselected symptoms and alternate responses" button, you will see two lists containing our help information, one for relevance of unselected symptoms and the other for relevance of alternate responses (to your selections). The contents of these lists are ranked by our system using medical information retrieval techniques.

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