Thursday, March 5, 2009

SpringStage is a catalysts for local entrepreneurship and startup

What Company Is Offering:
SpringStage is a network of community catalysts who are in tune with their local entrepreneurship and startup scenes. The network formally launched in early 2009. Springstage is to be a beacon for entrepreneurial activities in local communities across the country. When someone enters a community and wants to get involved with the local startup scene, they want them to think about the local Springstage catalyst as the perfect starting point.

How It Works:
SpringStage fixes the fractures. Currently, news and information about the local startup community comes from local bloggers who are intimately tied to each community. Look around - angel investors are blogging. Venture Capitalists are blogging. Well known entrepreneurs are blogging. But it takes time and energy to discover this when you enter a new community.

What if these catalysts, who already exist and who are the leaders of their local tech community could instead organize under the banner of Springstage? This would drive national exposure and cross promotion to the local community. It would make their efforts more financially viable, as Springstage could serve to attract national advertisers.

They’re simply promoting and organizing what’s already happening. Springstage simply unifies the catalysts who are already so passionate about their startup community. They help them with best practices and joint learning. In turn, entrepreneurship wins.

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