Thursday, March 26, 2009

TapInko is the online marketplace for offline ad space

What Company Is Offering:
TapInko is the online marketplace for offline ad space. There are millions of places for people to advertise offline—traditional options such as newspapers and billboards as well as non-traditional options like empty walls, vehicles and even bodies—but no easy way for buyers and sellers to place or solicit advertising. TapInko believes that offline advertising should be as easy as online advertising.

How It Works:

From search-and-find to transaction completion, TapInko provides a simpler alternative to the traditional labor-intensive current process. For traditional outlets like newspapers, what used to take weeks, now takes minutes. For newer outlets, TapInko provides the first and only marketplace for buyers and sellers. In addition, TapInko also provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the process; complete with file back-up, sales tracking and internal messaging.

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