Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sigma is a tool to explore and leverage the Web of Data

What Company Is Offering:

Sigma is a tool to explore and leverage the Web of Data. At any time, information in Sigma is likely to come from multiple, unrelated Web sites – potentially any web site that embeds information in RDF, RDFa or Microformats.

How It Works:

As a Web of Data browser: start from any entity and then click to another from the resulting page. Remember you are browsing a “network of mashups”, quite a unique thing. It might be noisy but you can spot gems, e.g. interesting description differences in different sources.

As an embeddable/linkable widget: create a Sigma, refine it and when you’re ready to paste it around in emails and twits or embed it on your blog. Sigmas are “data live”: if one of your selected sources updates its information, so will your Sigma be updated wherever it shows.

As a semantic API: retrieve entity descriptions and specific properties. For example picture,phone@Giovanni Tummarello , ready to consume, in JSON, in RDF.

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