Monday, August 10, 2009

AnybodyOutThere--Instant and relevant response to your thoughts

What Company Is Offering:
AnybodyOutThere is a new communication platform that offers an instant and relevant response to your thoughts and questions by connecting you to people in a similar state of mind.

How It Works:

Type a short sentence, in up to 110 characters, that best describes the subject you wish to talk about and click on the icon.
Its system will analyze the sentence you entered and show you a list of people who are eager to talk about the same subject.
When you find someone interesting on the list that you'd like to talk to, click on the "Let's Talk" button by his/her nickname. A chat request will be sent to the user; if he accepts it, a chat window will open and you can begin your chat.
When a user sends you a chat request, you will see a notification on the upper right side of the screen. You have the option to accept the chat or to decline it.
If a user is bothering you, you can click on the "Ignore future requests" button on the chat request and block future requests from the user.

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