Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GoBYO.com--Bring your own wine

What Company Is Offering:

GoBYO.com provides free public access to the most comprehensive database of restaurants that allow you to bring your own wine (BYO), with a quick and easy way to find restaurants by name or within a selected distance from a particular address. The GoBYO.com information is exceptionally current, because every listed restaurant is frequently contacted by telephone to confirm current data, and most have been re-contacted within the past 90 days. As a result of that intensive confirmation effort, hundreds of restaurants listed elsewhere on the Web were found to be closed and have been so marked on Go BYO.com. However, since restaurants frequently change their policies, it is always advisable for patrons to call and confirm information before going to a restaurant.

More at:http://www.gobyo.com/

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