Sunday, February 24, 2008

Linqia is about connecting you with your passions

What Company Is Offering:
Linqia collects and lists detailed profiles of 1.000's of online communities and groups helping people to connect to other people, their interests and needs.

Linqia creates an independent search for online communities and groups with user ratings and comments. From the biggest and most famous online community to the smallest most hidden group, Linqia surfaces existing online communities and groups which can either be uploaded by their users or just commented and rated according to YOUR opinion and experience.

How It Works:

At Linqia you can find communities and groups matching your specific interest in order to meet like-minded people to learn and exchange opinions and experience. Linqia is a place where people can collectively determine the value and activity of communities and groups with a targeted way to find the most relevant and interesting communities and groups existing on the World Wide Web.

Every profile listed at Linqia is either submitted by you or sourced directly from a community where 1.000’s of groups exist. You can add any community or group to Linqia. To help you find the most relevant and interesting profile, you can read detailed user comments and ratings before you decide to take the next steps of visiting the community or group and becoming a member.

In the near future, if you are a moderator or owner of a community or group, you can claim your profile at Linqia and increase the visibility on the Internet attracting more quality members, partners or opportunities.

Linqia is about connecting you with your passions, sharing experience and discovery. You will be provided with valuable tools and quality information to find the most relevant and interesting communities and groups.

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