Saturday, February 23, 2008 is Europe's technological provider of behavioral targeting

What Company Is Offering: is Europe's technological provider of behavioral targeting. The unique linking of measurement and survey data means that internet target groups can be planned with socio-demographical data as well. This ability of the system to work without relying on measurement data enables it to provide successful targeting even in difficult situations.

How It Works:
With their Predictive Behavioral Targeting technology they offer additional benefits to publishers and portal operators.

The targeting solution combines the best of two worlds. Firstly, user behavior on your web-inventory will be registered. Secondly, few selected user will be surveyed regarding their preferences and interests. The combination of these technologies enables them to generate detailed statistical target groups.

Providing their technology and methodological competence they enhance your advertising space and marketing activities. interacts with your ad-server and delivers information to which user a certain ad suits best. is neither active as online-publisher, nor do they act as intermediate or consultant in sense of a media-agency. They highly respect the core competencies and vital business interests of their customers and see themselves as active partners in market development.

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