Saturday, February 23, 2008

trutap a FREE global messaging service which lets you take your social life

What Company Is Offering:
Trutap allows you to take your online social life where you go. You can send group messages, SMS and email from your mobile phone for free. You can also chat with your friends on IM (e.g. MSN) and post to blogs, photo-sharing accounts and social networks - all from your mobile phone. Loving it yet?

Trutap is free to join and use, but your phone network may charge you for using the Internet on your phone. Charges are normally based on data usage, so sending/receiving messages uses very little data, but pictures can use a bit more.

How It Works:
Simply go to the download page and create an account. Then follow the instructions to download the application onto your mobile phone and away you go!
Or you can go to on your phone‘s mobile browser. And if you‘re in the UK, just text ‘trutap‘ to 80468 and we‘ll send you a download link that‘ll help you download trutap onto your phone!
To get the most out of trutap you will need a supported mobile phone and a data plan that allows you to connect to the Internet from your phone.. You can find out if you have a data plan by calling your network operator.

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