Sunday, March 16, 2008

BloggUpp-------Connect Smart And Boost Your Incoming Traffic

What Company is Offering:
BlogUpp! seeks to be of use to every blogger with quality content, no matter the language and where he/she lives.

How It Works:

BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly. Blog's thumbnail shows on other blogs with our service activated. The thumbnail is accompanied by your blog's most recent article. For every 10 readers of your blog, it is shown to 9 readers on other blogs.An identical widget projects on your weblog, listing relevant blogs.
Each link clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing your blog.
And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever .

How Is It different?

No registration and no account required.
No ad submission and no efforts.
No animation and annoying ads.
WordPress platform and alike friendly.
Targeted readers reach .
Welcome bonus for everyone.
Best in the industry exchange ratio (10:9).

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