Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Broadcast LIVE video from your mobile phone onto your website

What Company Is Offering:
Broadcast LIVE video from your mobile phone
over 3G or WiFi onto your website. Or use your phone as a bluetooth webcam in Mac OS X. Free and Open Source.

How It Works:

Open the application manager within the installations folder, choose settings from the menu, and set it to allow installation of "all" applications. You might also need to disable online certificate check at the same place.

You will also get this error if the phone's clock is set to a date earlier than the application's certificate creation date. Make sure your phone is configured with proper date and time.

Any program that can handle both the file format, the codecs and the transport method, should be able to play the stream if you know the URL of your stream. One way of finding the URL is to check the XML feed provided by the video server you are streaming through.

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