Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SkillsTM to find skilled people

What Company Is Offering:
SkillsTM offers an advanced feature called "Broadcasting." Broadcasting allows a person to connect with a group of specifically skilled people on a variety of topics. For example, a user can broadcast an opportunity. Once posted, he/she will be immediately be presented with a list of potential matches to peruse proactively.
Unlike standard social networks that connect people together by who they know, SkillsTM connects people by what they know and do. Use SkillsTM to find skilled people. Use SkillsTM to be discovered based on your skills.

How It Works:
Student entrepreneurs can use SkillsTM to network and build up their team within their School or University. Use to leverage a community of specifically skilled people to find exactly who or what you need. They have a fully implemented Facebook application, so people can proudly display their skills on their Facebook page.

Based on the proprietary Lanxer Database engine, SkillsTM introduces Wiki Style Parametric Search. The search is not keywords based, but is rather hierarchically structured. Members can “Search Within” any combination of skills to find people with the exact skill set they desire. If the skills you want to search on aren’t there you can simply add them without even leaving the search screen. We also have standard keyword search but it is enhanced by our hierarchical structure.

Users don’t have to rely only on search to connect with skilled people. One does not have to rely on people finding the opportunity as qualified people are automatically informed. Users can also broadcast a question or a discussion in a similar fashion and generate a rapport with skilled professionals in our community.

They also provide fully integrated chat and messaging to further facilitating the networking process.

Who Is Backing Them:
Robert Lancer - President, Founder and Developer
Robert was not satisfied with the outmoded ridged relational database solutions, so he developed a new database architecture with its own engine to power it: the Lanxer Database Engine (Xerbase). Then, he set out to build applications with his new database technology to demonstrate its power. Robert has had the idea for for a long time. He always thought the standard ways of finding and connecting with skilled people were inadequate, and that a community such as could greatly help many people connect and become better informed.

Dan Roberts - Technology Analyst / Physicist and Co-founder
Dan immediately recognized the potential in Robert's idea and set out to make himself part of Lanxer. His role at Lanxer is multifaceted, from guiding the development of our products, doing research, testing, creating product demos, writing white-papers, and more. Outside of Lanxer, Dan is a fulltime Physics and ECE major at Duke University, where he conducts physics research in the field of transformation optics (which includes designing invisibility cloaks). When he is not working on SkillsTM or making objects invisible, he plays bass guitar in his band, Rosedale.

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Anonymous said...

SkillsTM is a great service!

Jon Stein said...

Sounds great! I'm going to sign up today!