Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Driftr is a user-generated content site for travelers, by travelers

What Company Is Offering:
Driftr is a user-generated content site for travelers, by travelers. At Driftr, YOU are the travel writer, the photographer, and the reviewer. All of your travel experiences and information you provide become part of the shared Driftr community. The result is a great big worldwide social network full of fascinating and useful information. Everything from where to find those dinosaurs from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, to the best place to stay in Cape Town, South Africa, to what goes down during's all here. And it all begins and ends with you. And, of course, the people you meet here.

How It Works:
The Driftr experience is driven by a proprietary map that lets you highlight and track the places you've been and intuitively search for community-driven content relating to the places you'd like to go. Much like the explorers of the Age of Discovery, we use maps to help you plan your trip and record where you've been. Only unlike their maps, ours have fancy colors, are actually accurate, and link up to all the information the entire Driftr network has to offer.

All of this makes Driftr THE place to keep track of your travels and share your trip photos, reviews, and blogs with friends and family, as well as research destinations before you book a trip.

How Is It Different:
Because nobody knows the world better than you do. Not the airlines, the hotels, the travel agents, or the weirdly snooty travel writer who keeps recommending places that end up smelling like old cheese. Not even us. We'd have trouble giving you directions to the bathroom in our own office, let alone tell you the best way to get around Buenos Aires (we also have trouble with ping-pong, gardening, hopscotch, and putting together a decent fantasy football team). No, our purpose is to connect you to each other, so that you can better connect to everything the world has to offer.

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