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What Company Is Offering:, a progressive internet company at the pioneering forefront of cutting-edge of electronic communication, was founded by John Halloran.

The diverse and experienced management team at understands the critical issues that have plagued traditional email and has created a new process that will revolutionize online communications for individuals, small business and large enterprises. Woomail offers an unparalleled level of online communication that is safe, hassle-free and innovative.
They are the invisible security blanket behind their clients' online communications.

Why To Use It:

* Personal and business email accounts that become bogged down and debilitated with spam; overwhelming server space as well as possessing viruses, spy ware or other hostile and harmful attachments.
* Business owners frustrated with managing hundreds of spam messages a day.
* A growing online population desperately seeking a better, safer way to communicate online.
Email costs companies millions of dollars; including the real costs of employees' wasted time reading and deleting, system downtime due to email viruses, network space and bandwidth usage. Woomail eliminates these issues and provides time and money savings that are immediate and immeasurable.

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