Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot Help Desk software is a free online helpdesk for customer support service, trouble ticket management and email management

What Company Is Offering:
Hot Help Desk software is a free online helpdesk for customer support service, trouble ticket management and email management. It's a 100% web-based help desk system which can be accessed from any browser, with no plug-ins, no client maintenance and no client updates. Your customers can create and update tickets via online web based form or through email easily, so technicians are able to track the history of support requests from inception to resolution, including routing, ownership and transfers. The free Help Desk solution also provide powerful service modules like automatic email notification, searchable knowledge base, administrable download and reports analyzer. The customers could be offered with different options to get their issues resolved instantly. With a complete feature set and an affordable price tag, the help desk support will improve the efficiency of your business. You can transform your cost center to a revenue center.

How It Works:

Create an unlimited amount of departments. Your customers can then log help desk requests to specific departments, it allows administrator to create technician accounts with limited acces to specific departments or provide them with default department wide access.
Hot Help Deskt offers a fully features support portal for your customers, allowing them to submit support requests through web form, Your customers can also submit file attachments with tickets.
A customer can submit ticket by sending a email. Incoming emails can be turned into support tickets automatically. As soon as the message is received on your pop3 server it will appear in the technician's ticket queue. Responses to email notifications are appended to the history of the corresponding existing tickets.

Customers can open, view and modify tickets through web site, eliminating the need for them to sit on the phone on hold waiting for a technician to take their information. Automated e-mail alerts will keep them up to date on ticket progress, greatly shortening response time when action is required on their part. If customer is not satisfied with technician service, he can submit complaint to administrator.

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