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What Company Is Offering: is the leading consumer feedback and review website where consumers share outrageous, funny or complimentary reviews about customer service and brand experiences. Consumers just like you rate and review the customer service they experience from any business, large or small, anywhere, at anytime. The site is fun, free and easy to use and is visited by thousands of consumers and business owners every day. You can post a positive, negative, or neutral review. Positive reviews are just as much fun to post and read as negative reviews and are a great way to reward excellent customer service.

How It Works:
You can read reviews on by browsing the Categories, or by clicking the ‘New Reviews’ link. You can also use the Search Box to search for a specific company or business by name or keyword.

To write your own review click ‘Write a Review’ and follow the instructions. Writing a review is quick and easy; it takes about two minutes to submit a new review. You can be anonymous and post a picture. All reviews are anonymous. We use the information you provide to categorize and index your review on the site so that other people can find it more easily. Reviews are visible on the site once approved by the staff and may be indexed by the search engines. We will email you when your review has been approved.

Why Companies Should Use It:

Companies and businesses that care about and value Customer Service actually love because it helps them stay connected to their customers as well as better understand the needs of consumers. Companies that place little or no value on customer service probably hate us. is a resource for consumers; providing a platform for delivering complaints or praise to the companies and businesses they interact with every day. Companies that advertise or sponsor categories on show how much they care about Customer Service. A company may not always be perfect but by advertising on they show that they are actively listening to you, their customers. Occasionally a negative consumer review might be written about a company that is actually pretty great. We encourage people to be fair when writing a review and remember that anyone can have a bad day or experience a misunderstanding.

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