Tuesday, March 11, 2008

lunchn.com ---"Where are we going for lunch?"

What Company Is Offering:

lunchn.com helps provide an answer to the question that you and your friends ask each other almost every single day. "Where are we going for lunch?".

How It Works:

Search your local area for existing lunch locations. If you do not find the restaurants that you enjoy for lunch, feel free to add the restaurant yourself! Others who visit lunchn.com in your area will see the restaurants that you have added, and will have the option to add it to their own groups for voting!lunchn.com now includes a mobile version for members to vote for lunch on the go!

Every day that you log in and vote on what you want for lunch that day, you will earn a point which you may spend in our Contest Area for chances to win great prizes for you and your lunch crew! Send your friends and favorite restaurants to lunchn.com, and earn more points to spend on contests!

More at:http://www.lunchn.com/

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