Saturday, March 15, 2008

OmniDate---For Serious Online Dating

What Company Is Offering:
OmniDate provides the latest in virtual reality to help singles find real-life meaningful relationships.OmniDate is the next generation of online dating. It provides users with unique virtual dating venues, such as caf├ęs, bars and lounges, where singles can get to know each other in a fun, safe environment before meeting face to face.

Invite someone on an OmniDate and enjoy great conversation, romantic scenery and wonderful music. You will have fun, laugh, and build common experiences.

How It Works:

OmniDate let's you find out whether you click with the person behind the profile before you rush off to meet him or her. Make your first date an OmniDate. Do you have similar interests and aspirations? Do you enjoy the same music? Do you make each other laugh? When the date ends, you will know whether you want to go on another OmniDate, meet in real life, or never see each other again. Whatever your choice, you will make it safely through a convenient messaging system.

When it comes to finding YOUR life mate, YOU are the expert! Only you can determine whether there is a fit between you and another person! So go ahead and take control of your online dating! Fill out a profile and start OmniDating!

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