Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adsdaq is an advertising exchange operated by ContextWeb

What Company Is Offering:
Adsdaq is an advertising exchange operated by ContextWeb. It attracts inventory from various publishers, mostly non-branded and part of the "long-tail". ADSDAQ's key features include a wide reach- reportedly 48% of the US population according to ComScore. Also, ADSDAQ offers a level of transparency and control, especially with the AskPrice feature on its flagship selling desk, that allows publishers to set a minimum price for which to sell ads on the ADSDAQ exchange.

How It Works:

Go to and enter your username and password.
ADSDAQ serves primarly graphical ads. Sometimes ADSDAQ will also serve rich media and expandable ads. There are no text ads served by ADSDAQ currently.

Their patent-pending technology allows them to optimize creative and serve the most relevant advertisement to your targeted audience in less than 20 milliseconds. More specifically, they provide advertisers with the opportunity to only display their advertisements on content that is most relevant to the product they are selling. With ADSDAQ, ads are placed on the most contextually relevant pages. When buying direct from sites or networks, advertisers do not have the ability to control exactly where their ads are being served, thus allowing for spillage and waste.

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