Thursday, April 17, 2008

Macroaxis Wealth Management Tools

What Company Is Offering:
Macroaxis Corporation specializes in providing software solutions for the financial services sector, facilitating rapid distribution of financial analytics to larger audiences. Unique in the industry, Macroaxis Corporation's financial engineering platform delivers measurable value in the form of improved return on clients' intellectual property, productivity and managed assets for financial institutions.

They are dedicated to bringing investors a practical portfolio analysis and optimization toolset that no other company can offer. It is their goal to provide investors and institutions with the ability to properly define, analyze and present optimal portfolios that will lead to increases in return on managed assets, technology, productivity, and intellectual property.

How It Works:

Macroaxis Wealth Management Toolset is a easy to use set of modules that will allow you to make this allocation by optimizing the trade-off between your risk and return constrains. Using their Portfolio Optimizer or Efficient Frontier as well as available market browsers you can quickly optimize your portfolio against you personal risk and return preference.

Using the Portfolio Optimization Pitchlet, you can evaluate the One-Day Value At Risk of the optimal portfolio along with total risk, expected return, Sharpe ratio and Treynor ratio. The model picks the optimal portfolio from the efficient frontier given your specified level of risk, and a set of constraints on weight and return. The resulting portfolio is then compared to your existing portfolio. As a rational investor, your main objective is to outperform your existing portfolio in all 5 categories. For each category in which you outperform your existing portfolio, you will get one star. The best optimization is achieved when, after several iterations, you get all five.

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