Monday, April 14, 2008

Apricado Music Downloads set to Revolutionize On-line Music Purchasing

About Company:
Apricado Music Downloads, a new project from Animikii Inc. lead by CEO Jeff Ward, is set to revolutionize how independent artists interact with consumers on-line.With Apricado, they wanted to streamline consumer ability to purchase direct from the artists.

How It Works:

Upload your first song and get started.Your store is instantly set up and your first track is now for sale.Grab a widget for your MySpace or Facebook profile.

Using Apricado’s "single page check-out" system, consumers won’t have to leave the page to purchase music and they won’t be required to first create an account. Payments are quick and easy.

Artists receive an almost unheard of 80% of the sale of their song. Many other digital retail outlets currently only pay 50%.

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