Monday, April 14, 2008 is a social filtering platform

What Company Says:
Everyone is a guru on something. At, anybody can be a guru by making a
buru - a box for organizing and streaming information on any topic of interest. was born with the belief that people can get more valuable information on what they are interested in when the information is human filtered and organized. We call such user filtered content on a specific topic "buru". So, a buru represents your interest and it may contain anything – a collection of extreme sports videos, an illustrated selection of French recipes, a list of accounting job postings, a set of useful web sites for SAT preparation, a wish list for the upcoming birthday, or news about Silicon Valley startups, for example.

How It Works: is a social filtering platform where you can create and manage private or publicly shared burus on your interests and also search and get recommendations of other people’s burus. Once you find interesting burus, you are able to not only copy the items you like from those burus but also subscribe to the burus of your ongoing interests so that you can further filter and organize them according to your own needs. Through this buru circulation mechanism, burus evolve dynamically and grow quickly over time as more and more people participate. As a result, the burus you discover at will contain all the valuable information you need since they represent the results of social filtering.

Using is easy. Join today to save time by managing your interests in one place, and start filtering your web life!

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