Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CreativeCrowds is to help companies and institutions engage the power of crowdsourcing

What Company Is Offering:
CreativeCrowds is a startup that is fully committed to crowdsourcing. Their mission is to help companies and institutions engage the power of crowdsourcing. CreativeCrowds has experienced partners. Crowdsourcing delivers deep understanding of the consumer needs and desires. In an unique way: it goes beyond traditional research.

How It Works:

CreativeCrowds developed an unique platform for crowdsourcing. This platform is called CreativeChallenge. They have the vision that collaborating with existing communities pays off more than building your own new community: it is faster, cheaper and the success rate is higher. This is why they cooperate with many existing communities.

Crowdsourcing delivers an authentic image. Your users are actively involved with products, services and the brand, and they will create buzz.

Crowdsourcing delivers profitable ideas. Ideas for new products, services or improvements. Innovations with guaranteed success.

They are involved in each step to make your company better with the help of crowdsourcing.

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