Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fOTOGLIF -----Share Photos And Earn Money

What Company Is Offering:
fOTOGLIF is a tool that allows you to manage and share your pics online as you always have but now you can make some money doing it. Upload or import your photos to fOTOGLIF, share where you always have, link to them or email them to friends, even embed the slideshow anywhere and we split our ad revenues with you 50/50.

How It Works:

There is space for comments, ability to link the stuff you think deserves recognition and a search feature that gives you access to all of our users work, that you can showcase anywhere.

They have designed a system that lets users benefit from their contribution to the fOTOGLIF site. No matter where you link or embed your slideshow; to your website, your social network profile, or the fOTOGLIF website we track all your slideshow activity and split our advertising revenues with you according to your contribution!

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