Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Famhoo---A Family Friendly Search Engine

What Company Is Offering:
"Fam" is short for family, and they want everyone to know that they are a family-friendly search engine -- as well as what they believe is the best and most comprehensive search engine available on the internet for home and work.

"Hoo" is defined in the dictionary as "an exclamation of triumphant joy" -- which is exactly what they believe you will feel when you get the search results you are looking for without all the trash and advertisements.

Why To Use It :
The answer is easy. Most families have brought computers into their homes - the very place on earth they spend their lives protecting. However, on every computer there is a pre-installed danger - the internet. As a default, most of these internet programs take your family to one of the major search engines. With these search engines your family is only a click away from learning how to make a bomb, talking to a predator, drugs, and millions of other things that you would never dream of exposing your family to. So what do most families do? They ignore it. Now there is a choice. A family friendly search engine - Famhoo? Everything good the internet has to offer, without the bad. Start now - make Famhoo? your default homepage.

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Anonymous said...

I like Famhoo HomeBase Better:

Same family friendly search engine, but has weather, news, movies, etc.