Monday, April 21, 2008

ForteMall----Earn Money by Teaching your Skills

What Company Is Offering:
ForteMall is the best place you can trade the skills, knowledge, special know-how with anyone all over the world.
As a lecturer, you can easily earn money from your special skills, knowledge, and know-how by opening courses on ForteMall platform. The audience can be anyone and resides anywhere on the earth.

How It Works:
ForteMall brings you a new way to enroll students in world scope. ForteMall built-in rich tools you can use them to design the course content and teach your audience easily. ForteMall also includes a rich direct payment system which cooperates with well-known payment companies. You and your audience both can finish the transaction in security way.

As a student, it is not necessary to go abroad to learn skills/knowledge from now on. By using ForteMall, you can learn anytime and anywhere, there is no distance and time limitation. You can learn from the courses provide by other members all over the world via ForteMall. You can sit down in front of your PC at home or anywhere, grab a cup of coffee, login to ForteMall, and start to enjoy the learning. Through ForteMall, you also can find the best learning resources in world scope; it provides you the best way to choose the courses and lecturers.

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