Monday, April 21, 2008

Sazze is the latest Web 2.0 take on social product reviews

What Company Is Offering:
Sazze is the latest Web 2.0 take on social product reviews. Their goal is to provide users with reviews that are personalized and relevant to each and every user. How often have you read a review online that was written by someone completely biased toward a product because they simply aren't you? As a community, they can all band together to help close that gap between reader and reviewer by writing more insightful reviews based on personal experiences. The reviews you'll find here aren't written by some executive at the product's company headquarters. These are real reviews written by real people!

How it works:

Sazze works by combining consumer product reviews with a highly interactive social network that focuses on members building strong relationships and reputations with one another. Users gain higher status by having their reviews rated on quality by other users. Quality is based on the number of "helpful" votes that a certain user receives for all of his/her reviews. In addition, users can applaud each other's reviews, polls, and chat messages, which help to better define a user's credibility.

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