Saturday, April 5, 2008

Goojet enables you to customize your phone by organizing your mobile space

What Company Is Offering:
Goojet is a web site and a mobile application. Once you are registered on the web site, you receive an SMS with a download link. You select the link in the SMS and the application is automatically downloaded and installed on your mobile. The application communicates with the Goojet web site.

How It Works:
You create your mobile space on the web site and the application synchronizes your phone, automatically. If you update information using the mobile application, the changes will also automatically be synchronized with the website.
The Goojet service is free. It doesn’t cost anything to register and download and install the application. Creation and usage of the Goojet services is also totally free.Goojet is open to everyone and offers services for every need: personal usage (my information, my friends), professional usage (my teleconferences, my CV), social (my polls, my wall, my contact portal, my status), and any possible service and data mashups. Creating new services is also very simple, very fast, and accessible by all.

To access your Goojet space from your phone, your phone must be java-enabled (which is the case for the vast majority of recent devices) and of course you must have a mobile internet access.

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