Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jobfox---Track who opens your resume and create your own personal web page to showcase your career skills and experience

What Company Is Offering:
Jobfox provides you with trackable version of resume to alert you when employers view your resume. Jobfox also gives job seekers the ability to create and personalize a public My Jobfox Page ( containing information about your desired work environment, skills and experience, work samples and more! In addition, you can create a job matching profile on Jobfox to instantly match, score and rank the best jobs for your unique skills. Jobfox provides multiple feedback options online, via email and text message so you’ll know when employers are viewing your resume, your Jobfox Page and your skills profile.

How It Works:
From your tracking center, click ‘Edit My Jobfox Page’ to begin customizing your personal page. You may wish to provide Your Jobfox Page link to employers, friends, and colleagues. Your Jobfox Page link is included in the footer of your track-able resume, and you will be able to turn your page on or off at any time.

When you upload your resume to Jobfox, they immediately provide a trackable version that you can download from the Tracking Center. When employers view this version, you’ll get a text message alert on your mobile device, and Jobfox will record this viewing in your Tracking Center. Jobfox tracks views of your resume regardless of whether it’s been viewed by an employer on Jobfox, any other job site, or via email directly from you to an employer. Although Jobfox doesn’t charge you for these services, be sure to check your mobile device service agreement for text messaging charges.

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