Saturday, April 19, 2008

MochiBot is a Flash traffic monitoring tool

What Company Is Offering:
MochiBot is a Flash traffic monitoring tool (similar to a hit counter) that tracks the performance of individual Flash content files (SWFs) no matter where they end up on the web. If your SWF is on 5 different servers, then MochiBot will count the number of views that SWF got for all 5 servers. It's perfect for tracking how viral your Flash content is.

MochiBot is made up of just four lines of ActionScript code that sit harmlessly in your Flash content. Wherever that SWF goes, MochiBot will follow. This method ensures accurate traffic data no matter what website your SWF ends up on. knows about each view of your SWF, and makes it available as simple and easy to understand reports that show you just how popular your Flash content is.

How It Works:

You simply copy and paste a few lines of ActionScript from into your Flash file (FLA), and publish the SWF. Every time your Flash content is played, MochiBot sends a signal to our servers indicating where it is and that it's being played. MochiBot is completely unobtrusive, and will work with any type of Flash content: games, animations, banner ads, videos, or anything you can think up! The best part of all is that it has no effect on your content whatsoever.

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