Saturday, April 19, 2008

NewsTrust helps people find good journalism online

What Company Is Offering:
NewsTrust helps people find good journalism online, so they can make informed decisions as citizens. To that end, our nonprofit organization offers an integrated online service, which includes a quality news filter, media literacy tools and a trust network.

How It Works:

NewsTrust's mission is to help people find and share quality journalism online, so they can make more informed decisions as citizens. NewsTrust will accomplish its mission by empowering an online community of citizens, students and journalists to collaboratively evaluate the quality of journalism. To that end, the NewsTrust service will provide:

The free website features daily feeds of quality news and opinions, which are carefully rated by our members, using our unique review tools. We rate the news based on quality, not just popularity. NewsTrust reviewers evaluate each article against core journalistic principles such as fairness, evidence, sourcing and context.

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