Friday, April 25, 2008

Plugoo offers you several communication tools based on instant messaging

What Company Is Offering:
Plugoo offers you several communication tools based on instant messaging:

Plugoo Widget, to interact LIVE with your website visitors;
Planet Plugoo, to meet people from all over the world, share your interests and chat with them instantly.

How It Works:

Plugoo Widget enables your website visitors (blog, social network profile, online shop…) to get in touch with you in real time, directly on your Instant Messenger (MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Jabber…). If your messenger status is online, visitors can send you an instant message through the Plugoo Buddy in your messenger buddy list. You can thus chat with them, answer their questions or comments Live!

Your visitors don’t need neither to download a software nor to create an account before they can contact you. They never have access to your instant messaging information (username). And conversation between a visitor and you is strictly private – other simultaneous visitors on the website don’t see the conversation. You don’t have to change your habits, you keep using your favorite messenger on your desktop or from your mobile phone.

Planet Plugoo is the Plugoo Members’ community. Planet Plugoo is a micro-social chat-centric network. You can share your interests with people from all over the world, meet new friends and chat with them. You can browse Planet Plugoo using tags about interests, localization… Your personal information (email address, instant messaging username) are never revealed to other Planet Plugoo Members.

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