Sunday, April 6, 2008

Podtrac enables targeted podcast advertising

What Company Is Offering:
Podtrac, the service that expertly connects podcasters and podcast listeners and viewers with advertisers. They specialize in highly targeted podcast advertising, by precisely matching audience demographics and interests with the appropriate advertising for those listeners and viewers.

They also perform valuable third party measurement services of podcast circulation, providing these services free to any podcast. Podtrac enables podcast advertising and measurement by expertly giving podcasters and advertisers all the essentials they need.

How It Works:
Podtrac enables targeted podcast advertising. The company provides services to both podcasters and advertisers to serve the growing audio and video podcast markets.

For podcasters, Podtrac provides the infrastructure they need to monetize podcasts through advertising. Podtrac provides free services and methods to objectively quantify and qualify podcast audiences for advertisers, advanced representation services for advertising and sponsorships, and a variety of advertising trafficking, insertion, and website services.

For advertisers, Podtrac provides the framework that enables advertising in podcasts with confidence. Podtrac provides free third party measurement and demographic profiles for any podcast, podcast media kits, advanced tools for finding podcasts matching targeted profiles, podcast advertising options with sound recency, frequency and reach strategies, and a variety of online purchasing, creative trafficking, and insertion services.

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