Sunday, April 6, 2008 is lost & found company

What Company Is Offering: is a straightforward, no-nonsense, 24/7 lost & found service that makes it easy for people who find lost items bearing security tags, to return them.

How It Works:

By combining the use of their high tech, uniquely coded ID tags, our state of the art database and our recovery service, they endeavour to return your lost items to you as soon as they are found. We can also act as an intermediary between owner and finder, so all your personal information remains personal.

After you have purchased your tags or received them as a present, apply one of them to the item you wish to protect. You can activate the tag online: from the homepage of click Activate then follow the on-screen instructions.

You must Activate your tag so that can mediate the return of your lost item. Each tag has a unique reference number that's assigned to you when you Activate it. Our staff can then match this recovered item with its unique number to you, should you ever lose it.

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