Wednesday, April 30, 2008 is a service that will change the way consumers buy things

What Company Is Offering: is a service that will change not only the way individuals and companies alike get work but it will revolutionize the way consumers buy things. At anyone can get quotes on absolutely anything & everything! Unlike the other procurement services that are expensive and focused only on big business, it's FREE to use for both the buyers and providers.

How It Works:

As a Buyer you no longer need to search around to get quotes looking for the right price and quality of service. You just simply state what is is that you are looking for and individuals and companies compete for your business assuring that you get the best service and best price possible!

As a provider you get free leads and an opportunity to direct market to your potential customers right when they are in need of your services or products. Feel confident, if your services and products are good and priced fairly you will find this a valuable resource for creating and growing your business. You will automatically be notified when a buyer is looking for one of your services!

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