Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trade your ideas at Brickfish

What Company Is Offering:
Brickfish allows you to create and submit your blogs, audio, video and images in fun and exciting campaigns for the chance to win cool rewards. They have a variety of campaigns in your favorite channels like Fashion & Beauty, Entertainment, Lifestyles, Sports and Politics. You can also review other entries and vote for your favorites – building your reputation on Brickfish. In addition, you can share campaign content with your friends at the press of a button through other social networking sites, email, and instant messaging.

How It Works:

If want to start voting for and reviewing other people's entries or submit your own entries into a campaign, you can Enter as a Guest OR Sign Up as a Brickfish member. Then just follow the instructions to create an account. Anyone can view all public content including campaigns and all entries. If you would like to vote or review without registration, you can become a Guest.

With a Guest Account, people are able to vote and review in any campaign without registering for membership on the site. Guests can simply click the "Enter as Guest" link and start voting and reviewing right away.

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