Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uber Inc is a social networking startup has raised $5.5 million

What Company Is Offering: is a community-driven creative-minded destination where visitors can discover, publish, collect, store and share all forms of media content on its ever-growing Uber Index. Built on a proprietary, robust Web 2.0 platform, Uber offers members a host of unique cutting-edge widgets to enhance their online adventure. Uber redefines the traditional Web model, combining technology, content, community and experience to create an at-your-fingertips world of invaluable user-generated ideas and information. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Uber is a privately-held next-generation media company founded by Scott Sassa and Glenn Kaino .

How Much They Got From VCs:

Uber Inc., a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based social networking startup run by former Friendster and NBC exec Scott Sassa, has called down $5.5 million of a $7.6 million Series B round, according to a regulatory filing. Shareholders include Universal Music Group and Sterling Stamos Co-Investors Fund.

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