Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoho Business

What Company Is Offering:
Zoho Business combines user management and an integrated suite of applications and services with Zoho' s hallmark ease-of-use and affordability. The result is a secure, business ready solution that enables organizations to thrive in increasingly competitive times. Zoho Business is both an application and a kind of online "platform" that aggregates a number of Zoho applications into a single dashboard for users to manage the Zoho services they have subscribed to as well as a place to view and access all your documents.

How It Works:
It provides a sharable calendar, supports groups, contacts, e-mail, tasks and a means to add and pay for additional Zoho services and eventually other third party services. One of the main differences between using Z Business vs. the standalone "Personal" edition applications, is that it provides company level subscriptions, an administrator console and a set-up for different office locations. Once an administrator logs in, he/she can add users, locations and pay for the services required with a credit card from our secure online store. You can even replace the Zoho logo with your own company logo, register domain names that belong to your company and have employees access their Zoho Business account using those domain names.

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