Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blabnote---Vocal Social Network

What Company Is Offering:
You ring the blabnote number and the application on the other end recognises your caller ID, no usernames or passwords involved. It loads up your personal contacts, groups, events, shared messages and profile. The whole thing is entirely driven by their magical voice recognition technology.

How It Works:
Say "Create Group called Ping Pong" and a group called "Ping Pong" gets created.
Say "Add Tito, Chico and Foochie to Ping Pong" and those contacts are added to "Ping Pong".
Say "Call Ping Pong" and Tito's, Chico's and Foochie's phones ring simultaneously and join you all together in conference.

Say "Message Ping Pong. Team practice is cancelled today". Your message gets dropped into everyone's message box.

Say "Listen to Tito" and you can listen to the latest messages that he has created himself, or been left by others.

Say "Add Meesha", type in her number and Meesha gets added to your contacts. Her phone rings inviting her to your network too! Pretty fancy huh? Now when Meesha rings blabnote, her caller ID is recognised and she has access to the same fab technology you do.

The whole thing is just beautifully easy to use and concedes inferiority only to the lingering sparkle of an eroding afternoon daydream.

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